img_3793“When somebody asks you to tell them about yourself, you always immediately forget who you are.

“Who is Naledi Sibisi?”

These days, I tend to open by letting people know that I am an English Literature, Media & Writing and Gender Studies Major.

I am a writer and creative. I used to consider my crafts hobbies or things I happen to be good at then I recently remembered:

“if you’re good at something, never do it for free”.

So now I can tell you that I will be pursuing what I am passionate about full time. My personal, professional and lifestyle journey (read leap) will be documented predominantly on this platform as well as my featured social media pages.

In attempts to grow as an artist and creative as well as navigate my way around content creation, I aim to share my triumphs and trials as I gain and distribute knowledge.

I look forward to you journeying with me and more importantly, I hope you enjoy your stay”

— N