“I have always wanted to (and am always going to) create. And it’s such a broad term these days, the whole “I’m a creative” thing but it truly is in my DNA”.

With the increase of my social media reach and audience engagement, I identified an opportunity to tap into my different interests in one space. Having graduated from The University of Cape Town (South Africa); majoring in English Literature, Media & Writing and Gender Studies – I exhibit a passion for writing and creating projects centered on the growth and development of women alike.

In order to fuse the traditional elements of blogging such as weighty writing and personal pieces often read as though they are diary entries with the fast changing and ever growing climate in the field of content creation and influencer marketing; I decided to launch this self-titled, Personal & Lifestyle site. My key areas of focus are personal entries, beauty product reviews and tips, entertainment as well as style diaries in the near future.

I look forward to you journeying with me and more importantly, I hope you enjoy your stay

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