A few months ago when I decided to be cognizant of what and how much I was consuming, I thought I’d begin with carb control and I lasted all of a few days before life happened and I just didn’t look back to be completely honest.

Recently though, I’ve been certain that I wanted to take my health more seriously and luckily with two big upcoming events for me in the next few weeks, I felt pressured to start working out and subsequently taking on a healthier diet to achieve the results I personally envisioned. Returning to portion control seemed like a good place to start seeing as that’s one area where I actually thrive.

After browsing online, I came across this 30 day challenge that isn’t necessarily a diet but rather a push towards smaller portions which eventually become routine. I figured it would be helpful and more manageable for me coupled with my new workout plan given the way my day is generally set up where I don’t always have the time for meal preps.

All meals must be served and sit comfortably on a salad sized plate.

Your servings must be no larger than the palm of your hand.

“It’s about taking baby steps and this is one of those steps that will help get you into the habit of eating smaller portions and less food with every meal. This challenge encourages eating whole foods, unrefined sweeteners, lean proteins and drinking plenty of water throughout the day. However, the guidelines for this challenge do not require eating particular types of food. The choice of what foods to place on your Skinny Plate is yours”

Visit Skinny Ms for more detailed recipes and meal planning.

— N

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