I spent the past few days frolicking around town with the brightest red lips. These became the most notable part of every look I had put together.

The Yardley Stayfast Liquid Matte Lip Vinyl is a high-impact 24 hour wear ultra-matte lipgloss that comes in six intense shades. I had initially tried out the shade Miss Mauve in store which is a light purple that I felt didn’t go too well with my skin tone, so I stuck to my comfort zone and went with Engine Red instead.

When you apply the product it sits like gloss and then dries out like lipstick. What I like is that it’s soft in texture and it’s not a dry matte finish (the color would sit on a glass you use for instance); so the product will keep your lips moisturized throughout the day. By day two I realized that applying a lip highlight using my bronzer above my top lip with an eye-shadow brush gave me a defined cupid’s bow effect.



High impact color

Ultra-matte finish

24 hour wear

Moisture-protecting vitamin E



You can purchase the gloss from Clicks or Dischem for R89.99. You’re welcome.

— N

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