I’m not even being remotely dramatic when I tell you that I have never gotten my foundation shade right, ever. Over the years, I have had the curse of spending on foundation that I have been convinced is for me whilst in store, only to come home and realize it’s either too light or mostly too dark for me.

Until recently I was the type to be too shy to let the hairdresser know she was completely getting my vision wrong whilst panicking about it internally for example. You never want to appear like you’re undermining the people who are qualified to do something. But look, if you are paying for something and you are somewhat informed, it’s in your best interest to ask as many questions or drop as many suggestions instead of going home disappointed.

This is where knowing your undertones would come in. There are many ways you can figure this out but a quick and easy way I learnt was a vein test. Have a look at the veins on your arm or wrist — if they appear to be closer to the color blue, then you have cool (pink, red or blue undertones). If your veins are more of a green color, then you have warm undertones (this is a yellow/gold undertone). Alternatively you could have neutral undertones which is a mix or balance of both.

image via The Blondeshell

This is a really big thing because I would find that as a darker skinned girl, the people at the makeup stands would immediately rush to pick out shades like mahogany or mocha which I found had more red undertones when I actually have yellow undertones; meaning my face would end up looking either much darker or more orange/uneven compared to the rest of my skin and I could easily pick this up in photos or under different lighting. I would then have to pick up a lighter product (usually a caramel shade) and then mix the two to create a balance which obviously ended up costing me more.

(note: the lighting in store is the most deceptive thing so it really is worth it to step outside and see how the shade actually sits on you in different scenarios).

6001567749184Over the past two weeks I have been trying out the Yardley London Even Complexion Foundation (in the shade: Hazel). You can purchase this at your local drugstores for less than R200 so it is very affordable. It contains SPF 20 and it is a medium coverage formula; so, whether you are aiming for a more natural everyday look or full coverage look it will work. With that said, it really does feel light on the skin and it isn’t a nightmare to remove which I love. I am pretty impressed with how it has been sitting on me throughout the day.


My only critique so far (and it might have to do with what I just mentioned about not being a nightmare to remove); I am finding it leaves a bit of residue if i accidentally touch or brush my face even after having set my foundation. Because I currently have white nails, that part is a little annoying but I just use the wipes or sanitizer that live in my bag in the event. The good news is that I haven’t had to mix the shade with another one in order to look and feel comfortable so it definitely gets the go ahead from me.

— N

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