It was so fitting that this happened on a Sunday because that’s really my favorite day of the week and I insist on dedicating it to good music on my speaker throughout. So, I’m in my room streaming this radio station a few weeks ago while waiting for a specific set to come on and I hear a song that brought me to tears on the spot; it was his latest single titled Stay. I’m thinking, who is this guy? He gave me very strong, soulful, old school R&B vibes.

Mac Ayres is my new favorite discovery. I have been listening to this EP in the mornings while I get ready, at work, while I cook — it is so good. The project was released in the final quarter of last year and features appearances from Castelluzo, Innanet James and Chris Anderson. For the most part though, Mac effortlessly carries us through with his soulful vocals and melodies. You can stream the album below:

— N


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